Rearend Specialties is the largest stocking distributor of  differential parts in the San Francisco Bay Area, we carry just about everything you might need to rebuild or modify your differential. And if we don't have it, we can probably get it in short order!

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Ring and Pinion Gears

    As you would expect, Rearend Specialties carries a lot of ring-and-pinion gearsets, but what you might not expect is that in many cases, our prices are scarcely higher than the big mail-order warehouses. Think about it; no confusion, no waiting for parts to arrive, no wrong orders that need to be shipped back. Just bring in your rearend or old parts, then walk out with the stuff you need. Simple.


 We carry aftermarket ring-and-pinion sets by notable companies such as US/Strange, Richmond, Precision and Sierra, as well as original-equipment gears from AAM, GM, Dana/Spicer and Ford. For older and/or obsolete applications, we have a large selection of used parts to keep your classic vehicle on the road.


Limited Slip and Locking Differentials

  We've got what you need to keep both wheels spinning, whether it's a street car that occasionally goes to the snow or a full-on mudbogger.


 If it's a limited-slip you need, we carry the full line of Auburn limited-slip units as well as Eaton Positraction differentials. We also carry new OEM Mopar and Ford LSD units in stock at prices far below dealerships


  For more demanding off-road and racing applications, a Detroit Locker or TrueTrac might be what you're looking for, we stock popular part numbers and others are available via special-order in a matter of days.


We also stock a huge selection of service parts for limited-slip units, including springs, clutch plates, clips, cross pins and lock bolts, as well as complete internal kits for Dana/ Spicer limited-slip differentials.

Bearing and Seal Kits

   We stock an enormous selection of differential-related bearings, seals and related parts , including pinion bearings, crush sleeves, pinion nuts,  wheel bearings, carrier bearings, pilot bearings and lip seals, both in kit form and individually.


Whenever possible, we  use Timken bearings and seals; no "white box" or no-name products. Timken is world-renown for quality and we carry only the best.




Axle Shafts

    Axles: we have them. Used, new, stock replacement, custom length, two-piece conversion or heavy-duty,  you're covered.


 Rearend Specialties stocks Moser Engineering axles for heavy-duty and racing use, we have popular applications in stock for Mustang, Camaro, Nova, Chevelle and Buick/Olds/Pontiac A-body.


   Custom applications are ordered same-day and take about 10 working days to arrive at our shop from the time they're ordered. 


   We also carry Dana/Spicer axles for late-model Jeep vehicles, as well as Tom's Axles and Sierra Axles for stock replacement applications.


We also carry a large stock of used axles for older applications where new shafts are no longer available;call us for details!



Axle shafts, new...

...and used

Miscellaneous other components

   We carry new OEM and aftermarket open cases, spider gears and pinion yokes, as well as other differential-related parts such as ABS sensors and reluctors, diff covers, ring-gear bolts, shims, pinion washers, C-clips, third-member studs, lock bolts, cross shafts and million other hard-to find items.


  For performance enthusiasts, we have new spring perches in varying widths, mini and full spools, 9� aluminum and Daytona pinion supports, aftermarket housing ends and billet driveshaft yokes. You ask for it, we stock it.


     As for used parts, we have quite a selection for older and less-popular vehicles. Carriers, spider gears, main caps, yokes, axle housings, gears, side adjusters, bare third member casings, even some used limited-slip units.


   We don't shy away from oddball and bizarre applications, if it's got a differential, chances are we've worked on it before and might even have parts for it.


Standard diff case

ABS exciter ring

Spider gear kit

Daytona pinion support for Ford 9½